My name is Alex Loik and I am glad you have come to this website. During all my life, there always was eSports around me. Now I am a webmaster and I am happy that I can combine my hobby and my main job creating a lifetime project that I enjoy and which brings other people joy. I manage my own sites on the Internet. And now you are in one of them.

Starting from my early childhood, I was into sports a lot, especially football. I even used to play in a football team! After that, computer games came. My favorites were Dota, Lineage 2, and CS 1.6.

I started with betting on football, organized a mini tote for my friends during the World and European Football Championships. When I first started eSports betting, placing bets on skins from the game was the only available option. I was betting on Dota 2 and CS:GO and continued playing them as they were my favorite games. And then real money betting appeared. It was a revolution in the industry! From that time I make bets only on real money and truly love it.  I can do what I love and get funds for this!

My favorite activity now is watching online streams of tournaments on Twitch and betting on the main tournaments for almost all eSports games from different bookmakers. I do it to keep up to date with all the achievements of the industry, get to know all the updates, and main changes. And I am happy to share everything I know with you. Stay tuned!