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What does it take for a bookmaker to appear on our website?

Sometimes it may be quite difficult to answer the question of which bookmaker to choose and which is the best. This is because each of them can simultaneously have certain advantages and disadvantages compared to the others. The requirements of players to what should be the ideal bookmaker vary greatly, but there are main points that should be taken into account when choosing.

And at we look precisely at each of them every time we choose a website to recommend. Let’s go through them so you can learn more about the key factors of a trusted place.

trustedTrusted and Security

Ask betting enthusiasts which bookmaker they would like to bet at. In most cases, the first response you will get will be – “At a trusted!” And this is true. Every better wants to be sure that the bets they make will be paid fairly by the bookmaker, and that it is safe to keep funds in their account. Therefore, the first thing we also pay attention to is the reliability of the place.

Now let’s see what the reliability consists of. We have identified the following factors that make it possible to classify a bookmaker as a trusted one.

  • License verification is a necessity!

It is important for a bookmaker to have a license and a website must have a special page where these documents are listed. We have come across situations when even famous places that are well known to betters do not own a license. So this is a factor that should be taken into consideration at first.

  • Independent regulators that control activity

Membership in regulatory organizations and having a regulatory license are very important. A reliable bookmaker has nothing to hide and fear, so he joins various associations. Everything should be in order with the documents for the right to conduct legal activities.

  • SSL certification

SSL encryption is extremely important to be sure that betters are at a safe place. This is a cryptographic protocol that implies a more secure connection between a user and a website. It uses cryptography for data exchange, encryption for confidentiality. Before recommending a place, we make sure the certificate is valid and ensures the security of all activities.


  • Variety of games

We put a lot of attention to studying the games that are offered by bookmakers. A wide variety of them is a guarantee of having an interesting experience. What is more, we look at the list of events that are listed on the bookie’s website to make sure the users will have enough opportunity to bet on. It is highly appreciated if one the website we see the presence of not only favorite sports and leagues but unique ones also.

  • Bets variety

Most of the betters get excited when they see their favorite games listed and do not pay attention to bets that are offered by a bookmaker. Some places have only basic ones listed such as the winner of the match or the winner of the game. We recommend places that take care of their players and offer as much as possible kinds of bets, such as a Map duration, Total kills, an Advantage on the map, Even or odd number of kills on the map, and other.

payment methodsPayment methods

An important point to pay attention to is the deposit and withdrawal of funds. Currently, there is an opportunity to make bets and receive money on betters’ account. But how can we be sure that it is fast and secure?

  • Depositing methods – how efficient they are

There is an unspoken rule among betters: the more withdrawal methods there are in a bookmaker’s, the more reliable, high-quality and secure it is. Of course, this principle does not always apply, but it is generally correct. A wide variety of ways to deposit funds increases the likelihood that a better will find a method that is most convenient for them. Most of the leading bookmakers support such popular payment systems as Skrill, Neteller, Mastercard, Visa, as well as Webmoney. What is more important, we track the time it takes to transfer money to an account.

  • Minimum and maximum deposit amount

Different payment methods estimate their own limits, as well as bookmakers vary the minimum and maximum amount of deposit. We always read the conditions carefully, find the minimum and maximum amounts, check how it corresponds to the reality on the website to avoid unpleasant situations in the future. No one would like to expect a min deposit in size of $5 but in reality to see $20.

  • Minimum and maximum withdraw amount

Each bookmaker has its own rules regarding the maximum and minimum withdrawal amounts. This restriction applies to cases when a request is made to withdraw funds to a card or e-wallet. To do this, a withdrawal request should be submitted on the site. It is checked by the administration and after its approval, the money is paid. We control how bookies adhere to this process and if the amounts available to withdraw correspond reality.

  • Winnings payment guarantee and money safety

A reliable bookmaker will never come up with excuses not to pay money on a winning bet. Places with a dubious reputation, on the contrary, use the opportunity to steal money every time they have a chance. We always look at the RTP to make sure the website will make payouts to every better. Your funds are always safe if the website is not a fraud place and uses an SSL certificate. And we recommend only bookies that satisfy these requirements.

  • Withdrawing opportunities

It is worth noting that in many online bookies, there are many more ways to top up your deposit than the suggested options for withdrawing funds. This is explained by the bookie’s goal to protect itself and its customers from intruders because there are payment systems that do not provide information about people who conduct money transactions. The most popular methods include Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, QIWI. There are other payment systems where you can withdraw money, but these are the most convenient, fast, and secure ways to get winnings. Besides this, we make sure to pay attention to available currency in case you would like to get not only dollars but, for example, euros to your card.

  • Timing of withdrawing

The time between a request to withdraw funds and a moment at which money will be on your card depends on several factors such as the number of bookmaker employees, the better’s status (clients who play at high rates are served by a personal manager), the security programs of the website, the localization and the terms and conditions of the electronic money systems. The withdrawal of the first amount may be slow, but the next operations will be faster when the client’s identity is verified. The website warns in advance about how long this procedure will take. Usually, it takes from several hours to several days. We control that bookmakers keep the promises and transfer money on time.


We believe that everyone likes bonuses. It has a lot of benefits – a player is happy to get some extra funds to the account, a bookmaker has satisfied and loyal users that enjoy placing bets on their favorite disciplines. Let’s look at the factors we consider while evaluating bonus systems of the best bookies.

  • Welcome bonus

It is a type of bonuses offered most often, it is not surprising while every better expects to receive it after registration. It is like the first step of efficient cooperation between a better and a bookmaker. So we do not pick the websites that do not pay attention to such an important factor. Welcome bonuses can be made in an form of a deposit match, cashback, free bets, and so on.

  • Bonuses for loyal players

Not only new players should be attracted by bonuses. We believe it is very important to continue efficient communication between users and bookmakers all the time. For this reason, we look attentively if there are any loyalty programs for those who have been around for a long time. They may include free participation in some tournaments, regular promotions, or cash backs. Luckily, in most cases, it goes directly to a user’s account as a thank for the trust.

  • Conditions and terms of receiving bonuses

As you may already know, every bookmaker may have its own rules of getting bonuses. First of all, we read the conditions listed on the website carefully to avoid misunderstandings or attempts to deceive users. Further, if nothing looks suspicious, we register on the site in order to get a bonus and check whether it will be received accurately, how quickly the funds can be used and how exactly they should be used according to the requirements of a particular website. It is also worth to mention, that we don’t go for the bookmakers that have unrealistic expectations on the user such as popping up an account with $1000.


Our generation can not imagine ourselves without phones – we have them everywhere taken with us. And what is even more interesting, good bookmakers listen to the needs of users and create opportunities to do what you like any time of the day, not depending on your PC.

  • Small screen optimization

We always pay attention if a bookmaker has got an optimization for small screens, such as smartphones and tablets, how well it is done, if all the functions work properly and if not, what bugs appear. We believe the technical side is extremely important if talking about getting a positive experience.

  • Mobile applications

Creating a mobile app is not the easiest thing and we always admit if a bookmaker has it done. An app also should work nicely, showing the appropriate quality of graphics, interactions, buttons, functional elements. The interface must be intuitive. Only in this case, a bookmaker’s app can be recommended.

customer careCustomer care

It happens that there are problems in the operation of a bookmaker’s website, or you can’t figure something out. In such cases, you should contact the support service. It works in any reliable place and is designed specifically to solve users’ problems and answer their questions. We evaluate two factors.

  • Efficiency of communication

Reliable online bookmakers provide support via email, chat, or mobile phone. We choose and test different options, makeup, and describe our situations/problems in detail. We track the speed of an answer and its quality.

  • Service quality

We are sure that the response from the support service should be comprehensive and clear. But most importantly, the problem must be resolved quickly. If the support system does not fulfill its obligations, or can not handle even simple problems, then such a website does not seem like a trusted place and cannot be recommended.


What can be better than the opportunity to place bets not caring about the geographical location? At this point, we look at two of the most important factors.

  • Accepted countries

Some bookmakers do not accept betters from specific countries. We carefully study this question to be sure that as many countries as possible can log in.

  • Languages

To get the best from your betting experience, it should be made in a native language. The availability of different language versions is highly appreciated. We consider this point as well.