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There are millions of Dota 2 players around the world. And also a huge amount of betters eager to place a winning bet on this game. This is an introductory article about Dota 2 betting and it will be useful for players who want to bet on eSports but are far from understanding how to deal with it.

Dota 2 Betting Sites List

Here you will see the table with the best bookmakers, briefly read about the history of Dota 2, types of bets available for you, what you should be focused on in the first place when forecasting for Dota 2, and some other important points while making bets on eSports so it will help you to increase significantly your own score.

So, who we are? You are on a special website that compares, evaluates, analyzes different bookmakers, and chooses the best for gamblers to place a bet on. While creating a list of the best betting sites on Dota 2, we tried to avoid dubious online bookmakers, so that our rating includes only the worthiest online services for you to place a bet on. We picked the best, offering a wide bonus system, quick & professional support and the possibility to make different types of Dota 2 bets so you can be satisfied.

And how could Dota 2 become so popular? Nowadays ESports fully meets the expectations of even the pickiest critics. And Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSports disciplines. It is simply impossible to deny its success. In the game, there is a confrontation between the “light” and “darkness” – two teams consisting of five people. The task is to demolish the main building on the enemy base, the so-called “throne”.

Every year, its developer, Valve, holds the International tournament, which invites the strongest teams from all around the world. And from 2011, when the first International was announced, Dota 2 has been attracting massive attention on the market. For many years, Dota 2 is not a game of narrow circles anymore, it has gained millions of fans around the world.

Nine years later, the discipline remains over-popular and highly – paid among gamers. And mentioned The International in 2019 collected a prize fund of more than $34,000,000 dollars. This amount is several times higher than the prize of small competitions in “real ” sport. Today, the standard Dota 2 tournament prize pool is $200,000. More than 200,000 people watch the broadcast every day.

And during all this time, bookmakers have been gaining a decent experience of operating in this market. And special for you, for fans of “Dota 2” and fans of betting on this game, we have prepared a guide that will help you start making bets on eSports.

Types of Dota 2 Bets and Betting Websites

Dota 2 is very complex, and at the professional level, it is even several times more complicated. And exactly thanks to this, Dota 2 is the way it is. It requires deep analysis and advanced statistics. And because of that Dota 2 is loved by professionals in betting. The betting opportunities on it are usually very wide, and you can always choose the best option. Here we will talk about the main types of bets that you can place.

First of all, there is an option to place a bed on real money or on the skin from the game. With the increasing popularity of Dota 2 betting, more gamblers give preference to the money betting – so they can withdraw funds after winning and not to in-game items. Farther we will take a closer look at these two betting types.

  • Dota 2 Real Money Bets

Before looking at the full list of opportunities for making a bet on Dota 2, let’s figure out the format of the competition first.

Organizers of every tournament choose their format, often it is influenced by the level of the tournament or a stage. Whatever it is, in the pro Dota 2 there are the following options:

  • Best-of-one (when only one map is played);
  • Best-of-two (as you may understand – two maps, the result can be 2: 0 in favor of one team or a draw 1:1);
  • Best-of-three (until a one of the teams wins on two maps);
  • Best-of-five (until one team wins on three maps).

So, we highlight four main kinds of betting possibilities offered by bookmakers. We will take a closer look at each of them:

  1. The standard bet, well – known to everyone, is a bet on the triumph of one of the teams – basically, you have to decide who will be the winner of the game. If the format of the game allows, you can place a bet even on a draw.
  2. Also, you can bet real money on live bets. That is the most interesting way of betting for several reasons. Firstly, most games are won or lost at the moment when players choose their heroes. Secondly, experienced fans and eSports analysts will confirm that one moment in a game can completely change the odds of bookmakers. Even a small experience of playing and Dota 2 betting will help to understand which of the teams has improved their own position by choosing certain heroes, and which one is in a difficult situation. However, do not forget that live Dota 2 bets are known for rapid changes in coefficients, so there will not be much time for analysis.
  3. In Dota 2 there are way more opportunities to place a bet. Let’s look at the most unusual and interesting kinds of betting.
  • Map duration

You are to bet on the total time of the map – will it be less or more than 30 minutes when the game is finished. The match can continue indefinitely and there are only 2 ways to win: the first one is to destroy the Ancient (main building on Dota 2) of the opponent, and the second is to force them to give up and loose. The playing style and behavior of teams often directly affect the duration of a particular map.

  • Total kills

Here you guess will be a number of victims bigger or less than some specific number, for example, 42. The number of kills is considered the total for both teams in the final table at the end of the map.

  • First blood

In this case, the bet requires choosing the team that will first kill the opponent on the first map. Most often, this is a normal random and almost impossible to predict.

  • Race to kills

Your task is to predict, who first will reach the mark of a special amount of “kills”. It can vary from 5 to 15 kills.

  • The advantage on the maps

This type of bets depends on the difference between the maps. For getting this one, it is necessary to win at least two maps more than the opposite team.

  • 3rd Game/Map is Played?

So, the main question remaining here will be the third map played or not. Also, there is a possibility to see bets of the next form: “will be the fourth map played, or whether they are going to play the fifth map”.

  • Total score

One of the most difficult, we would say. Here you can win money by guessing the final score of the game.

  • The Winner of the Map

We guess, that everything is clear here – you are betting on the winner of the first map.

  • Even or Odd Kills on the Map

This is the most random type of bets in Dota 2. You have to guess whether the total number of kills on the first map will be even or odd.

  • First Tower

In this type of betting you are to decide which team will be the first to destroy an opposite team’s Tower – a special place on the map that helps to protect each team’s areas.

  • Will Godlike be on a map?

Can any player of one of the teams make a Godlike (a streak of 7 or more kills) on a map? That is the question and you have to give the answer, yes or no.

  • Bet on “First Roshan

Make a choice on which team is going to kill Roshan (the strongest neutral monster in Dota) first. His death gives the killer an opportunity to reborn immediately.

  1. Also, consider a chance to bet on the winning of the tournament. It is quite rare! Bets are accepted on the winners of the Dota 2 tournament before the start of major events in the eSports world (Major, The International and others). For example, when the International 2019 was about to start, the coefficient for the victory of the Team Liquid was 2.00. That means you could increase your bid two times.
  • Dota 2 Skin betting sites

Some bookmakers offer an opportunity to place a bet on the skin from Dota 2. The point is that they are not regulated and not controlled – they simply don’t own any license!

What does it mean for you? Basically, you are not protected from scams. They can steal all your belongings and give you nothing in exchange. Most skin betting sites operate for a short period of time – till the moment of getting enough of profit and then they close down leaving you alone – without skins and money. Even developers of Dota 2 often implement restrictions trying to regulate this uncontrolled activity.

So we highly recommend you to use only trusted bookmakers that accept real money bets from our list – they all have a license and appreciate their users providing the best betting experience!

Recommendations on Making bets on Dota 2

To start successful betting, we recommend you to follow some important points we want to outline. So, here are top recommendations for our betters.

  1. First of all, choose the right website based on the next points: it should have a wide variety of tournaments and competitions, well – developed bonus system, trustful payment & withdrawing methods with money guarantee, responsible support, high coefficients and loyalty to its users. As you know, we have checked all the biggest bookmakers and chose the best for you. The list of all recommended you can find above.
  2. Find a trustful information resource to track the latest results of the team, the overall place in the ranking. In betting it will help you to be updated on the current shape of teams, check statistics of meetings, get more information about the tournament – its prize pool, rules, list of participants, positions, find recordings of previous games and future broadcasts.
  3. Pay attention to the importance of a match. Be sure that the match you are betting on plays an important role for the team. If it does not affect the tournament position, the team can use a limited amount of energy or test new strategies, the main players may be absent. Also, you need to consider the team schedule. It’s hard to play several games in one day.
  4. Follow the social networks of the players and teams you are betting on. It will help you to find out about possible replacements before the games, or changes related to the schedule of games, training, general meetings of the team, players’ physical and psychological state of mind.
  1. When betting on LAN-finals of tournaments, take into account the previous experience of the team. If the team performed online well, it is not a 100% fact that they will show the same game on the LAN when playing in front of the huge public.


So, Dota 2 is all about spectacular maps, adrenaline, unpredictability, and love for this eSports game. This is how the real spirit looks for those who want to get pleasure not only from the game but to earn some money on bets. Your earnings on betting in Dota 2 can be significant if you understand how eSports works and whom to bet on. Do it carefully, figure out all the aspects of Dota 2, create your own strategy, choose your preferable website and place bets to get reach and enjoy your favorite game more and more every new day!