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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be called the opener of the Battle Royal genre. Although similar modes existed before PUBG, it was this game that made the “battle Royale” format so popular. After the release of the project in the spring of 2017, it literally blew up the online gaming market. The audience of PUBG players and viewers was in the leaders in terms of number for several months in a row. In the wave of the hype, tournaments began to be held with solid money prize, and many top eSports organizations have acquired lineups for this discipline.

Now the wave of “hype” around PUBG has subsided a little. The game has a serious competitor in the face of Fortnite and other games. Nevertheless, the PUBG project still continues to “shine” while being in the ratings of the most popular games. Almost from the beginning of the tournaments, many bookmakers offer players to place a bet on PUBG.

The Internet is extreme, and it has some websites trying to dishonestly pull the money out of your pocket. Some bookies operate fraudulent games; others simply take your money. With the increasing legalization of online bookies worldwide, they are becoming increasingly rare. But there always are some black sheep running through one or another form of fraud, and we don’t want you to access these websites. This is the reason why we have a prepared full list of bookmakers’ trusted websites.

They offer excellent odds, fair payouts, and quality service. The reputation of these bookies is confirmed by a lot of positive reviews, and workers of round-the-clock technical support will come to help at any time. On the websites we recommend, you can place a bet on PUBG, on some watch online broadcasts of tournaments, read news and communicate with like-minded people. Also, here you will read more about where and how you can place bets on PUBG matches safely.

List of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Betting Sites

You can meet PUBG in the line of any bookmaker that provides eSports betting. Another thing is that some cover only the most massive events. If you are a fan of the game and want to bet, then you need a bookmaker with wide coverage of tournaments. We have chosen the best bookies for you.

Before we add any site to our list, we make sure you can trust it with your money. Security and reliability are the biggest priorities for us. Also, we pay attention to the website’s functionality, good customer service and Support – how fast and efficient they are. By the way, this is important for a bookie to have variable options for deposits and withdrawals, a wide range of promotions and bonuses for its users. All the bookmakers mentioned here own a license and their operation in the market is validated. They offer good lines for making a bet on different disciplines. Over the time, they are proven to remain to be the best. We trust each of them.

And here goes the list with the best bookmaker’s websites offering good PUBG betting odds:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gameplay – How is the Game played?

On a huge open map, 100 players are fighting at the same time. The main goal of the game is to remain the last survivor. Players choose the moment when to jump out with a parachute and where to land in the end. As soon as the participant is on the ground, the battle begins. If not to get into a safe zone quickly, the player dies. Therefore, everyone is trying to get there as quickly as possible.

“Loot” is also scattered throughout the map: weapons, armor, first aid kits, backpacks, sights, and other equipment. One of the initial tasks of the player is to find more valuable “loot”, in order to have more resources for the battle.

The majority of professional tournaments are held in the “Squads FPP” mode (teams of 4 players, review from the 1st person). Firstly, in the game only one map (“Erangel”) was introduced, later two more were added — “Miramar” and “Sanhok”. On which map the tournament is held depends on the rules of the event and the organizer.

The mobile version of the game — PUBG Mobile has also gained a lot of popularity. It is also used for tournaments, but bookmakers still rarely provide it in their lines.

Real Money Bet on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Real money betting is a common type of making a bet. In order to place a bet on the online platform, you must register your personal account and top up your gaming account with a card or any electronic wallet. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities that are hidden behind it.

PUBG betting on a winner

As usual, you can bet on the winner of a match at PUBG. This is the most common bet in eSports. Due to the fact that there is no draw, classic two-way bets are available to you. As usual with eSports betting, there are the “outright” (winner) bets for all tournaments. The more you know about the individual games, the different teams and players as well as the different options, the better your chances of placing a bet successfully.

What is PUBG live betting?

Live betting on PUBG is placing bets during the ongoing match. As a rule, live bets are considered to be more difficult than traditional bets, because the game is constantly changing. The chances and odds of winning of one or the other team increase and drop in a few seconds.

The advantage of online live is that you can make a forecast based on in-game events. You can see that one player in the team is killed, leaving only few players. Their chances of winning fall significantly, which is reflected in the coefficients.

If the possibility of an outsider’s win increases and they win, the bettor gets a bigger win. The choice who to bet on is still the bettor’s responsibility.

PUBG special bets

Given that this game is quite young, and bets on it are only beginning to appear in the line of bookmakers, there can’t be a wide list of opportunities here. From the available offers we would like to point out the next:

  • Total Kills – in this case, you need to think ahead about the total number of kills on the map, namely, it will be more or less than the special coefficient. If you are not afraid to take risks, we recommend starting with this bet because the probability of winning is very high.
  • Total Kills Odd/Even – here the probability of winning is 50% because you will only need to answer one question, will the total number of kills be even or odd.
  • Will Player Get Top 1/3/5/10/15/20 – who are the players which will be included in the list of top players this time?
  • Handicap – with what handicap will one team win over another? Place a bet on the specific number.

Is PUBG skin betting real?

PUBG is distributed via Steam, so the game added cosmetic items (skins). You can either buy them on the trading platform or get them randomly from the boxes for in-game currency. Many skins in PUBG have a high value. Bets with PUBG items can be divided into roulettes and similar bookmaker bets.

Roulettes allow the player to bet a skin and get a chance to win things of great value. In roulette, everything is random and does not depend on the results of any matches, just like in a casino. And, in the network, such resources have a bad reputation due to a large number of scams, twists and lack of any control of these roulettes. So don’t use them if you don’t want to lose everything.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds betting

Before you make your first bet, you should familiarize yourself with how to make the bets successfully.

  • On the right PUBG betting site depends a lot. Look at the table of trusted bookies, choose the one you like the most. Then take a look at how many bets are available for wagering and what are the individual odds look like. After that, consider how best to distribute your bets. Use multiple bookies to gain experience and increase profits.
  • To increase the probability of winning, it will be useful to follow up with backstage. Watch tournaments, remember the strongest teams, what is happening inside their line-up to understand their form for the upcoming matches. You can subscribe to player’s social networks. Also, read the news. Information about the teams and their participants will allow you to make more accurate forecasts!
  • Play this game on your own. You don’t have to be a master, just understanding the mechanics and gameplay will be enough. Then it will be more clear to you: what, how and why teams do on the map.
  • So take a very attentive look at what results individual teams have achieved so far. Take your time and proceed conscientiously. The more a gamer is engaged in this discipline, the more accurate his actions are! When placing a bet on a team, pay attention to the teamwork of its participants. The longer the gamers are together, the better their actions and tactics are!
  • If the prize fund of the competition is small, it is unlikely to meet a Pro here. Even if there are real sharks among the amateurs, they will prefer to “merge” the game. Therefore, making a bet only on favorites is likely to lose your money!


How does PUBG betting work?

Betting in eSports is similar to regular Sports betting. Each bet is accompanied by a coefficient that shows how likely it is to succeed and how much you can get if you win in this bet. Gambling helps with new interest to watch streams and attend sports events. Today, a lot of services are available online – just choose one from the table above.

Is PUBG betting safe?

It is safe, if you do everything wisely and choose a trusted and secure website. As in any other eSports, PUBG betting odds involve risks. Not everyone understands how to bet correctly and most of the betters simply do not have the necessary knowledge of the game discipline and no strategy. So read the information here carefully, get acquainted with nuances, choose bookie from the list and start placing bets.

How do I start betting on PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds?

To start betting on eSports PUBG and make a profit, select a bookmaker from our list.

The next step, without which you can’t bet on PUBG eSports, is to register and top up your balance. This is not a problem. All bookies offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, ranging from bank cards to electronic payment systems. Strategies on eSports PUBG can be viewed on the Internet, as well as useful tips and recommendations. Start right now!

What bonuses are available for PUBG betting?

Competition among bookmakers is constantly growing. Different sites, like in Sports betting, offer different sets of bonuses, and the responsible better always tries to find the site with the best offers. We already made it for you and put these websites in one chart so you have nothing to worry about. Use their deposit bonuses, first bet bonus, everyday bonus bets, etc. to start today.

Where do I find PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds betting sites?

On our website, we post a full list. We have been at the forefront of the eSports gambling industry for years and know how to ensure that our users only play and bet on the best and safest sites. All the bookies are checked and proven to be secure.

Can I place bets on skins?

Yes, there are some bookies accepting skins do not own any license because skin betting is illegal and prohibited. You are in risk to lose all your belongings.

Is it safe to do PUBG skin gambling?

No, it is totally unsafe due to the reasons mentioned above. If you want to avoid fraud, use right bookies and place real money bets because they have always been and remain to be the best alternative.

Betting on eSports can be a pretty complicated thing, that’s for sure become clear by now. You have to understand something about the game, but also about the players.

It takes psychology, mathematics, and Intuition to make the right decisions. The market is growing explosively. Browse virtually through news, watch different streams. What are you waiting for? The world of PUBG eSports betting starts right here! And with that, we wish you a lot of fun and good luck!