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League of Legends is a game that a few years ago made its own way into the huge eSports world, and till this time continues to actively conquer the cyber arena and acquire a bigger and bigger amount of players.

Today, virtual arenas attract tens of thousands of experienced gamers from all parts of the world. The size of the prize fund increases from year to year and today is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. League of Legend is an incredibly promising eSports discipline.

The great number game’s audience opens up excellent conditions used in betting on tournaments. Many bookies give users their chance for betting on League of Legends’ matches.

But we prefer only the best and give the full list for our users. Here, on this website, we introduce you the chart of the best bookies from the net. When choosing a bookmaker, we pay attention to the possible payment methods, verification of terms and conditions, compare bonus systems, level of support’s professionalism, and if these bookmakers are ready to offer a lot of interesting options for placing bets on every major tournament. So only the best ones got a chance to pop up here. Do not miss your chance to win with your favorite players!

However, as with any eSports discipline, it can be difficult to figure out what you can bet on and what strategies are the most promising. Let’s figure out how to place bets on League of Legends eSports, what a beginner should pay attention to, and how you are able to start betting today!

Best League of Legends betting sites

Lately, Lol betting started quickly picking up fame. A greater and greater measure of bookmakers offer betters the opportunity for betting on their preferred teams in League of Legend and win cash on it. Here is a list of the best Lol betting sites made particularly for our visitors.

What is hidden behind League of Legends?

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game from the world-famous developer Riot Games, which remains on a line with so huge disciplines as Dota 2, and CS:GO, and refers to a whole eSports world.

Lol matches include two groups of five players, each dealing with their own characters. Through communication with adversaries in the virtual field, the experience of characters and their skills become better. The champion is the person who demolishes the fundamental structure on the enemy’s base.

ESports tournaments in League of Legends are divided into two groups – regional and international. The largest international tournaments include:

  • Rift Rivals;
  • All-Stars;
  • World Championship;
  • Mid-Season Invitational.

For almost 10 years, the annual international League of Legends Championships have been held, where the 16 best cyber teams compete for six-figure prize funds. The second, but no less important and prestigious, is League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), which takes place twice a year, it is divided into two leagues – European and American. Each of them involves 20 professional teams competing for the title of the best team of each continent.

Regional tournaments are also divided into several groups. The biggest attention is drawn to the spring and summer splits, where teams fight for a pass to the MSI and the world championship. But there are many local tournaments where teams can move to the professional League, i.e. participate in splits. Lol eSports betting on tournaments is one of the most popular opportunities offered by bookmakers.

Today, this discipline is played by more than 100 million people around the world, and even more fans around the world are watching the broadcasts. League of Legends betting odds also have a special place among gambling fans.

Real money bets on league of legends

League of legends betting has been gaining popularity from the first years after the game saw the world in 2009. Over the ten years of its existence, the League of Legends has become available in every corner in the world, and tournaments and Championships on this discipline attract hundreds of participants and millions of viewers. It is definitely not a surprise that bookmakers want to offer League of Legends betting odds on eSports tournaments in their lists.

Match winner

Among all the biggest well-known League of legends odds, we are eager to point out at the Match winner. Basically, you should decide which one from the teams will win. Depending on the type of the match, it is possible to see bets on a draw as well.

League of Legends Live Betting

Some bookmakers offer to place bets on League of Legends in live mode. You can be directly in the game or watch it on an infographic or broadcast. You can see which team is more progressively arranged to play, and you can observe players, their capacities. League of Legends betting odds can be adjusted during this time. In this way, live mode betting is so well known.
But at the same time, the situation in eSports is changing very quickly, and the course of the game can change dramatically, for example, when the strongest character is defeated. This event can break all lol betting odds. After noticing the new alignment of forces, you are better to change coefficients. But if you do not place correct bets on time, you lose.
In live, it is very important to react quickly to the events of the meeting and place bets as fast as possible.

Special types of bets

  • First Inhibitor/Tower –Tower is a guarded structure in League of legends. They are put on different Fields of Justice. The fundamental capacity of it is protection from assaults. This is a significant component in the game. It is a heavy fortress that keeps minions from arriving at the point. eSports bookmakers offer bets on who will take this building first.
  • Handicap – it is a kind of bet whenever your possibility to win is truly high since it doesn’t have a wide assortment of alternatives. You are to bet on a team winning with an exceptional number of wins included.
  • First Baron Nashor – Baron Nashor is a dangerous monster in the League of legends, living near a river on the top line. Even for a team that consists of 5 well-skilled characters, the battle with Nashor will be very difficult. Bookmakers give users to make a bet on who will win Nashor first.
  • Maps total over or under betting – for instance, in the situation when you choose “over 2.5” it implies that a team winning with the score 2-1 and when you pick “under 2.5” – the final score will be 2-0 for a winner.
  • First Dragon – you should try to predict what team is going to be the first to get the Dragon. This type of bet is partly similar to the first Baron Nashor.
  • First blood – as it were, this sort of bet in the game means that you need to choose which group will be the first to make the assassination.
  • Maps total – right here betters need to choose what number of maps are played in the match at the end. A total sum of maps is possible to be 2 or 3 relying upon who wins the second map. Additionally, some matches comprise of five maps so this number may vary.
  • Correct score – you need to check your ability to guess the score at the end of a match. You may have more doubts than picking just the winner. But in this game, it is special because the possible variants are 2-1 or 2-0 if it’s a standard match. When 5 maps are being played, the amount of variants is bigger.

Tournament winner

Obviously, there should be the most important bet – the tournament winner. Almost all bookies provide this opportunity. You have to put all your trust in one team supposing to get the title in this case. The variety of tournaments is pretty big and you are welcome to make bets on huge international events.

What are the best recommendations to keep in mind before placing League of legends odds?

  1. From the list above choose the most suitable website. We made sure that they have a lot of tournaments, profitable bets coefficients, good usability, stable and efficient payment methods for your comfort and high results.
  2. Be picky when choosing a match, you want to place bets on. Pay attention to several factors, such as tournament position of teams in the selected tournament and their motivation for the upcoming game because different matches may have different priorities for players.
  3. Find the source with fresh data and news in League of Legends odds world. It should include a deep analysis of characters’ positions, systematization of individual players’ performance, and description of championships, experienced players’ predictions, give full information about tournaments, statistics of the last meetings, etc.
  4. Stay updated on the team’s performance and subscribe to their social networks.
  • The consistency of the team’s play affects the safety of each other’s players during critical situations and the speed of development of each individual character.
  • The psychological and physical readiness of each individual player is the key to a successful result, because in matches at the highest level, every action is important, up to the leaving the line for a few seconds.
  • Take into account the events of recent tournaments and changes in the team’s style of play, as well as information about how the style of play is related to the style of different opponents, or possible transfers of players.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the teams from the previous games, their victories, and defeats.
  1. When planning bets on LAN tournaments be ready to see a different game in comparison with offline matches. Some players tend to change their behavior in front of a big public.


Is LoL betting safe?

It is safe if you go to the right place. All the websites are proven to be safe and secure, having their own license. So they are the bookmakers deserving trust and these factors make betting on League of Legends safe.

How can I start betting on League of Legends?

It is very simple! Just follow several steps. Go to the bookmaker from the list, as we have selected only reputable, secure, and reliable websites for you. Create an account there, make your deposit, find the nearest tournament and make your winning bet!      

Why is League of legends betting so popular?

For some reasons this game is world well known. Lol has numerous remarkable features. One of them is the profound advancement of the World and Champions: the game has Lords, cyberpunk ninjas, etc. It has been created for a long time and now it is played by many gamers from various places of the planet, and even the Continental Leagues are held to recognize the most gifted players.

Where can I find legit League of Legends betting websites?

You are on the spot! Take a look at the top! League of legends betting shows up in many places in the net. Simultaneously, it is essential to pick the site cautiously to avert fraud. This is the explanation of our suggestion to use only trusted and watched bookies that you see here.

Can I place bets on Lol tournaments?

Surely! League of Legends tournaments betting is a great chance to use in eSports gambling. In the world, a lot of tournaments are organized since 2009. So choose from the list of trusted bookmakers and make your winning bet today!

So let’s start betting!

So we hope you find our guide helpful. One more time, we recommend you to watch the teams playing, get to know the subtleties of tactics, next steps, and get acquainted with all the nuances.

Betters should learn to get money from bookmakers not thanks to luck, but because of analytical thinking, previous experience, extremely accurate forecasting. Some eSports players make their own predictions for future competitions. Obviously, it is good to listen to the advice, but you should place a bet only based on your intuition plus received objective information. Start betting today to make good profit every next day!