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What’s up there?! Welcome to the page that will open all the secrets of CS:GO match betting. We have prepared everything for your comfort! And in case you wonder how to begin your betting career on the biggest eSports disciplines around the whole world, stay here! We have all the information you need for your success – from the big list of the best and most trustful bookmakers, full guide on the available bets that you are can use to make to small tips that will help to make your experience successful and efficient.

And you may wonder, what are we doing here? Well, got to the site that has its own system of comparison and evaluation of bookmakers in order to give you access only to the chosen. As professionals in gambling, eSports, and betting, we have made a list of bookmakers that satisfy all the requirements and leave users satisfied, depending on a many factors, such as a bonus system, trustworthiness, professionalism, support, the availability of bets’ variety. So, wait no more – go here! Find the best CS:GO betting sites, make your bets on CS:GO right now!

List of CSGO Betting Sites

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So, basically, why do we like CS:GO? This is an online game from famous Counter-Strike, which was released in 2012. CS:GO is a first-person shooter game, which presents a competition between opposing teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists. The main task of the first team is to kill all the counter-terrorists, install and then blow up a bomb at a key point on the map, or guard the hostages. The second team must eliminate all terrorists, rescue hostages or defuse the installed bomb.

The very first competition of this game took place in 2012, before the official release of the game CS:GO. And right in the next year, almost all bookmakers made it possible to place bets on individual games or the results of major tournaments on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Today, CS:GO is not just an online game, but a recognized eSports discipline with its star teams and their fans, prestigious leagues and Championships. The prize funds of large-scale tournaments Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) and Electronic Sports League (ESL) exceeded one million dollars and continue to increase with each new season. We can also highlight major tournaments from the game’s developer, Valve, which can boast impressive prize money. Other regular CS:GO tournaments include Starladder, E league, SL i-League, StarSeries, DreamHack, Dust2dk, Operation Kinguin, and Binary Dragons Cup, as well as dozens of smaller sponsored leagues.

Today, bets on CS:GO can be made in a wide range of bookmakers that have included eSports in their list. The best and trusted you can find on the list above. But what are the opportunities here to bet on? Let’s find out!


CS:GO has its dedicated fans all around the world. Luckily, here are bookmakers providing an opportunity to bet on your hobby to not only enjoy CS:GO when playing, but also to heat up your interest watching different popular teams and giving a feeling of participation in different championships and tournaments.

Among all the opportunities to bet on CS:GO there are two main types, like in any other eSports discipline, – bets on real money and skin betting. Obviously, the first type is much more popular and safe. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Real money bet made on CS:GO matches

All the websites you found on the chart offer you an opportunity to place a bet on money. All these websites own license and guarantee you the safety of all the operations – from money depositing to withdrawing. Exists two major options for you to bet on – Live betting and Regular Match betting

CS:GO Match Betting

CS:GO regular match betting is the most common way to place a bet. You make all your decisions before the game starts. Let’s look at the most popular types of it.

  • Match winner – you decide who will be the winner in the match.
  • Round winner – decide who is going to win a specific round in a match.
  • Tournament finalist – you have to guess what teams will be in the final of the tournament.
  • Total number of map rounds – how many rounds will be played? Guess the number over or under specific one set by the bookmaker.

CS:GO Live Betting

CS:GO Live betting is perfect for players who like placing bets in real Here you have a unique chance to correlate your bets while watching a game. Guess the right bet in the correct moment – and get your money right on the spot!

CS:GO Special Bet Types

Here are some special bets for CS:GO offered by bookmakers, but don’t forget that they may differ from bookie to bookie and there may be some bets, not mentioned here:

  • Map Winner – place the bet on the team that, as you think, will perform better on a certain map.
  • Knife round – you have to decide which team will get the first kill in the Knife round (round that determines a starting side of a team)
  • Top Fragger – you should to decide which player will have the best score at the end of some specified map, or even a match.
  • First Blood – you are to decide who which team will make the first kill on the match.
  • Over or under – guess if some specific number in statistics is more or less than a special number (in most of the cases scores of both teams are taken together, and you re to count total kills, total rounds, etc.)
  • 1st/2nd Pistol Round Winner – a lot of eSports bookmakers offer a chance to bet on pistol round when changing the position. Usually, there is pretty high risk and coefficients so you should be careful.
  • First to 5 Rounds – very popular among bets that asks for the team that will reach 5 rounds. In most of the cases, the team won the pistol round is the first to get to five.
  • Will there be overtime? – make your bet on whether there will be overtime or not.
  • Outrights – you have to make a decision will the team get to quarter finals, semi – finals, finals, or win the whole tournament.
  • Winner’s Group and region – bookies offer some special groups and regions of the winner. You basically choose the group to which the winner belongs.
  • Over/Under Maps – you need guess if the number of maps is over or under a specific number.

Tournament Winner Bets

What’s more – there is a chance to bet on winner of a tournament. Before a beginning of the tournament, choose the top team that you think will score high and place a bet on it. Usually, coefficients can be really high so don’t lose your chance!

CS:GO skin betting sites

Whenever your experience in this game is, you definitely know what is skin betting. It has been for a long time in the market but not many people know that it is illegal. Valve has been doing complicated work to eliminate this type of bets from the network for a lot of years.

Some CS:GO match betting sites give you an opportunity to bet with your skins. But the worst thing is – they are not controlled and regulated. Keep in mind, you can easily lose everything you own in several seconds. Owing no license, and as a result, no obligations allows them to do whatever they want. Some of these bookmakers operate as roulette or a casino to make you lose all your belongings.

We strongly advise you to be careful and not visit such bookmakers to not to get in troubles, waste all your skins, money and personal data. Open CS:GO match betting sites mentioned on the list – we can guarantee their safety.

CS:GO Match Betting

To begin betting successfully, we recommend to comply with some vital points we would like to outline. So, we made a list of the top hints for our betters that will help them to get better results on placing bets, get more money and joy!

  1. For the first step pick out the most suitable website personally for you, primarily paying attention to next points: it should include a lot of different tournaments and competitions so you have more possibilities to bet on, good bonuses offered for you, payment and withdrawing methods that are safe. Not to waste your time, just go to our table and start betting.
  2. Try to get access to a professional info resource to be updated on the latest teams’ results, the general position in the chart. This information is very useful for keeping up with the current form of teams, check data put in the newest statistics, read a lot about the tournament and competitions – its money fund, rules, the main participants, key positions, look for recordings of the team playing, read some professionals’ predictions.
  3. Keep in mind, how significant is a match for a team. Some matches simply do not affect the position in the tournament so the team may want to save some energy for further games or to try out new strategies, send main players on vacation. This is why you must be ensured the match you are betting on is important for the team and they will do their best when playing. Pay attention to the schedule of the team – when they have several games in a row, players may feel exhausted and this pay may affect their concentration.
  4. Find and subscribe to the social networks of players and teams you are want to make bets on. They consist of very valuable information about replacements before the game or possible changes in the schedule, also it will help to understand how well is mental and physical health.
  5. Some teams may show a different game when having a LAN final. So keep in mind that the result may differ because of playing in front of a lot of people, especially if the team is not very experienced or get used to perform online only.


We have prepared answers to the most popular questions that may pop up in your head.

Is it safe to bet on CS:GO?

Yes, that’s totally safe to make a bet on CS:GO. We have a lot of bookmakers offering you this opportunity but be careful to choose only well trusted (most recommended from the list above) bookmakers – they all have a gambling license and it is protected to use them. Also, check if betting is allowed in your country. And after this go to the appropriate site and make a CSGO bet!

Where can I find a list of legal bookmakers’ websites?

In the list of CS:GO betting sites! We have gathered all the best bookmakers that are here in the web. Be sure, all of them own license, they work on the market for many years and offer wide lines with fair odds, lots of bonuses for their users, organized professional support, lots of bonuses. So stop waiting – go to the table with legit csgo betting sites and enjoy the gambling eSports world.

Is it possible for me to place a bet on skins from CS:GO?

Well, obviously, you can do CS: GO skin betting but it is also highly recommended not to use the websites offering this opportunity. They are not regulated. They don’t own any license and are illegal so you may n0ot get your winning. Also, you may just be banned or scammed. Keep this in mind. So our advice is to stay away and use only money betting on legal CSGO websites.

What website offers the best coefficients?

Each of the websites that we put into the chart has developed a clear coefficient system through the years of operating so you are welcome to use any of them. You can easily find your preferable CSGO betting site and place a bet today!

Best CSGO Betting sites

So, Counter-Strike isn’t just a computer passion which was between the best eSports disciplines for a long time, this is a full generation of its own heroes and their winnings. The amount of players who play online is only growing, so the tendency to bet is not going away, what is more – it is growing with every single day. This type of leisure attracts both amateur players and those who prefer to watch other playing – and all of them leaves satisfied.

Anyone who closely and attentively follow the news in the world of CS:GO and is able to correctly determine the priorities and capabilities of the teams can make bets. So please, when betting, do it carefully, study all the necessary aspects of CS:GO, think about your own betting strategy, choose the appropriate website, make your winning bets and get your prizes because CS is more than just a hobby – it is the world of adrenaline and unpredictability!