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Every year, eSports disciplines attract more and more active players and already boast multi-million audiences that follow virtual battles. One of these disciplines is the Overwatch game.

Overwatch is a team-based shooter that was released by “Billzard” in 2016. In the same year, the game was recognized as the best in several categories, due to the variety of characters, bright graphics, and thoughtful lines.

Sometimes it seems that the betting appeared almost at the same time with the appearance of the competition. There were always people who were ready to argue about the outcome of the tournament, and the excitement spurred them to support their point of view with money and other values.

So betting has become a crucial element in the development of the Blizzard eSports discipline community. The game has interested many players not only as entertainment or a professional career.

If this is the first time you have decided to bet, you should first choose a good bookmaker – experienced players say that this is at least half of the success when planning to place a bet. It is important to decide immediately where to go first and it may take quite some time. But we are here to help you!

Based on the knowledge we gained while operating on the market, we have developed a strong system of required qualities every bookmaker should match. Then we created a list where only the best were included. For us, the chosen bookmaker must accept payments in variety of currency and have a wide line of depositing and withdrawing methods, and provide betting opportunities – in a format that is convenient for you, have a clear website with a wide range of functionality, and provide decent odds for the matches you are interested in. Many bookmakers also give bonuses when registering (for example, for the first bet), which can be useful for new bettors.

Telling from our experience, we can advise you on several good bookmakers that accept online bets on Overwatch.

 List of top-rated Overwatch betting sites

So here we go – the best sites were picked for you to make your betting experience convenient and successful.

What is standing behind this game?

Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter. In the story, conflict occurred between humans and robots with artificial intelligence. To establish peace, an Overwatch special unit was founded, consisting of heroes. Matches are played between two teams of six participants. The goal is not only to destroy enemies but also to complete a certain mission. Before the game begins, each player chooses a hero with certain skills.

According to the skills, all characters are divided into three categories:

  • Support – the hero can strengthen and heal allies, protect, and help.
  • Damage – the task of the character is as quickly as possible to get to the goal and destroy it. The hero of this group has excellent mobility, the ability to inflict increased damage, and so on.
  • Tank – enhanced armor reduces by half the received damage.

During test studies, it was found that the most effective is a group of six people. In such groups, players can not only work in full display but also allow themselves to devote one or two rounds “to warm up”, without risking losing the entire fight.

It is worth noting that this is a young, but very promising game, which has been recognized as the game of the year more than once. And it’s not just that! Today, there are more than 10 million players and even more fans of this fictional universe with beautiful cartoon characters that save the world.

Overwatch tournaments are held regularly. The largest and most prestigious of them, the Overwatch League, started at the end of 2017 and 12 of the best eSports teams from around the world took part. We will take a closer look at Overwatch League a little bit later.

Are here real money bets on Overwatch?

Betting with real money works like betting on regular sports. You can deposit money using different payment methods (PayPal, PaySafe, credit cards). The money will be withdrawn in the same way. Professional bookmakers offer a standard set of bets that is sufficient for most of the experienced betters – on the winner of a match, tournaments, etc. Bookies develop unique offers that are limited only by their own imagination. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Overwatch bets

Most often, the bookmaker, as in other eSports disciplines, accepts bets on the victory of a particular team. To make a good bet on match winner and not lose your money, you should study not only the position of the teams in the ratings but also keep in mind a number of other factors.

Although, bookmakers do not have such wide lines of betting opportunities for the game like, in comparison, they have on football or tennis, but bookmakers provide several interesting bets for top tournaments. Most often they are:

  • Winner of the map –in this type of bet you should come up with a decision which of the team is going to win a certain map.
  • Tournament winner – which of the teams is going to get the highest position in the tournament.

Can I do Overwatch live betting?

Some bookmakers also offer live bets on OWL matches. They offer to place bets in real time, focusing on live broadcasts, infographics, and statistics. In live betting, you need to be very careful: this is a very dynamic eSports discipline, where the whole situation can change in just a few seconds.

What Overwatch League betting odds are here?

To make a competent bet, you need to understand the competitive system of This game. The main League that attracts the attention of most fans is the Overwatch League created in 2017. This year, OWL features 20 teams from different cities in the United States, Europe, China, and South Korea.

The Overwatch Championship was initially seen as a blueprint for American sports leagues, including the NHL and NBA. The season lasts for more than six months, and all matches are held in the Blizzard Arena complex with the participation of spectators. The best representatives of the regular season at the beginning of autumn play the main prize Fund of the OWL in the playoffs.

But for those who are going to or already making online bets, something else is much more important. For the American public, sports (including eSports) is a cool show, so in Overwatch League, the final result plays a slightly smaller role. Most matches can end with an unexpected outcome. Therefore, you should be very careful when placing a bet on OWL and other Blizzard shooter leagues – such events need to be monitored very carefully.

In parallel with OWL, regional online tournaments of the Contenders series are held. Winning such a League will not give you a chance to get to the main championship, but the strongest players in the regions are always under the eye of scouts from Overwatch League clubs – so battles in North America, Europe or Korea are sometimes no less exciting.

But still, betting on OWL must have a special place in your list because there isn’t a bookmaker that doesn’t pay attention to this event. This is the best decision for betters from all over the world as OWL attracts the attention of millions of gamers and there is always something coming up. Choose a trusted bookmaker from the list and make your betting experience successful.

Our recommendations on Overwatch betting

In addition to all the said words, we would like to highlight and recommend you the next tips:

  • All the next Overwatch betting tips will be useless if you bet on an unreliable bookmaker’s website. This is why take it responsibly. But you have nothing to worry about as we have made everything for you. We picked the most reliable sites that you can rely on and enjoy your betting experience.
  • Carefully study the rules of a particular tournament. For example, find out on which server the game is played on. Meetings of competitors from different regions are often accompanied by hitches in a fraction of seconds, which can turn into a loss. Especially if the bets are made in real time.
  • Make sure that the team you plan to bet on is motivated to win. At minor tournaments or when the goal is reached early, teams can give the leading players a break or play with a new strategy. These betting odds tips will be useless if you bet on an unreliable bookmaker’s website.
  • Take into account the presence of the audience. Inexperienced players can get lost from the support or concern for their opponents, which comes from 3-5 thousand spectators in the hall.
  • There is no place for emotions in betting. In any case, in plus betting, it means that you should not bet on the victory of your favorite team or try to win back the minus immediately.
  • Keep to your strategies. Without a working strategy, even people with developed intuition will have the bank merged. This will happen in a week or three months – it is not known, but the fact that the player will have to re-make a deposit is a fact.


How does Overwatch betting work?

Overwatch bets are not much different from betting on football or tennis. To increase your cash, you need to find a bookmaker where there are markets of your interest, choose a good bet and coefficients. Unfortunately, not all legal bookmakers offer to bet on eSports, and where it is – the line may be still poor or the margin is high. Over time, the situation is improving for the betters, since the Overwatch game has about 40 million users and this amount will only grow.

Is it safe to place bets on Overwatch?

With the growing popularity of Overwatch the more and more eSports bookies are appearing, but not each of them is worth to be trusted. You should go only to secure places – this way eSports betting will be safe for you. Remember that a bookie should own a license and its operations must be protected. All the websites above are proven to be trustworthy.

How do I start betting on Overwatch?

Overwatch betting odds are easy to place – the usability of websites allows to do it in several minutes! Go to the recommended website, sign up. Then you can choose the most convenient way of depositing money for you from the available, transfer your funds, get your first bonus and place a bet that definitely will win. You can start making money today.

Are there any bonuses for Overwatch betting?

Bookmakers focus primarily on the interests of the audience and they work on making bonuses for you. As the demand for services increases, the number of bookies in the eSports increasing. There are several bonuses available: 100% of the amount of the first deposit is added to the player’s account, along with the return of a part of the loss, free bets, getting 100% of the deposited amount.

Where can I find the list of – Overwatch betting sites to start betting?

You are in the place. This is no longer a problem — most classic sports bookmakers, and all eSports, accept bets on this discipline. But not all of them are good for you. And based on our system of evaluation we picked bookies with the highest score. In the meantime, above, you can find a list of bookmakers who accept bets on this discipline.

As you can see, before starting betting at bookmakers, it is necessary to properly understand Overwatch — this is as difficult as any other bets on eSports. However, if you can identify the main trends of competition and understand the system of OW Championships, you can not only enjoy watching but also make a good profit. Good luck with that!