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Call of Duty is a legendary game with a world name. The first game from the entire series appeared back in 2003. Just think about it, because there was no Dota or other popular games from our time. Call of Duty is a shooting game – here you can feel like a real military man, getting into the conditions of a real war. The goal, we think, is clear enough – to destroy the enemy.

Call of Duty Black Ops is the seventh game in the line, which is considered to be the most popular by the number of fans. COD can be played as a single player or as a team.

The game is now available for placing odds at different bookies! Live broadcasts are usually very bright and filled with unforgettable emotions, and bets on your favorite team will help to make watching more interesting. Let’s look at the nuances of betting on this eSports discipline.

Placing a bet on eSports is a matter for those who are not afraid to take risks and like feeling of the excitement in their blood. This is a game that hosts some of the largest tournaments. The prize pool reaches up to several million dollars. By the way, the game itself is considered to be one of the most profitable for professionals.

But all this popularity has negative consequences as a lot of fraud bookmakers have appeared on the market. To decide which of them are good enough for you to work with, we have created a special system of evaluating the quality of their operations. First of all, we take into consideration, if their activity is legal – simply if they own a license giving them a right to work in this field. Second, the coefficient is the next criterion when choosing an online bookmaker. We compare the odds of several bookmakers for identical events. Naturally, it will be more profitable to bet at the bookmaker that offers the highest quotes. That is why experienced betters create accounts on several resources, and for each event that they want to bet on, they choose the bookmaker with the best offers. But all of them must be trusted so there will not be any risk of losing the profit. Also, we also take into account the width of the line – this is a variety of bets on a single event.

Naturally, when choosing a bookmaker for Call of Duty, we take into account all the factors that are typical for regular bookmakers – reliability, user-friendliness of the interface, choice of payment systems, etc. During a long process of evaluation, we have sorted dozens of online bookies and picked the best for users.

List Of The Best Call of Duty Betting Sites

So now you can look here, at the table of the most trusted bookies that we want you to take a look at.

Call of Duty as a Legendary Discipline

Call of Duty is a series of computer first-person shooters, which includes 15 main parts. The first parts of the game are devoted to the Second World War, the subsequent parts touch on the themes and conflicts of the Cold war, the fight against terrorist organizations, possible conflicts of the future, and even wars in space. If we talk about historical campaigns, we can note realistic types of weapons and compliance with historical analogs. The game has dynamism, the plot develops rapidly and completely drags the player into the thick of events. Throughout the existence of the game series, Call of Duty has been released on both personal computers and Play Stations. The game is wildly popular in many countries all over the world. In 2010, the Call of Duty series was ranked the second most popular game series of all time. Now, most of the tournaments are played in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 game’s version.

In addition to the main story, which is available for passing in single-player mode, there is also existing an online multiplayer mode. COD is a popular eSports discipline today. This type of eSports is used for tournaments with large prize funds that attract a lot of viewers from all over the world.

Most bookmakers offer bets on Call of Duty tournaments in their line. But before you make a bet on this game, it’s a good idea to understand how it works.

Real Money Bet on Call of Duty

Bets on COD matches attract a lot of fans of eSports betting. Dozens of bookies offer their services for placing a bet. Above, we have compiled ratings and reviews of the most famous bookies for the convenience of users. Just select your preferable bookmaker from the list, register and start Call of Duty real money betting odds today.

We recommend that you first familiarize with the bonuses and promotions offered by COD betting site during registration. Also, pay attention to the odds offered by betting companies for certain matches. They may differ significantly from one place to another.

In order to make a bet with real money, you need to transfer it to an electronic format by placing money on a card or e-wallet and then send it to your account.

So, what Call of Duty bets are here?

While in regular sports, this type of betting is almost always long-term, in eSports, no more than a week can pass between the bet on the winner of the tournament, which is not so much. The bet itself, as its name suggests, assumes a bet on who will win a particular tournament.

The final tournament is the Championship, and before it is held there are a lot of qualifying tournaments, divided into separate regions. The final is held before the release of the next version of the game Call of Duty – this happens annually in November.

A chance to start Call of Duty live betting

ESports is one of the sports that are the best to bet on Live mode. All gaming competitions are necessarily sanctified online, and they become available to everyone. Therefore, you can easily connect to the viewing of an event, evaluate the preparation of both teams, predict the result and make the appropriate bet. In eSports, most betters bet online.

Are here any Call of Duty special bets?

These are some special betting opportunities that are specific only to Call of Duty. Keep in mind, you may find not all of this at the bookmaker’s listing but be sure they are coming soon.

  • Total – these are bets on the number of points in a match. Points can mean maps/kills, etc. For example, the number of players killed in the match.
  • Handicap – in individual matches, the winner is usually determined by the number of points scored. And bookmakers offer to place bets on who will win taking into account the handicap. This bet will be calculated – this is a real match score adjusted for odds.
  • Map winner – the result of the match is determined by the results of several rounds of meetings between the teams. And often you can find bets on these individual rounds. So you can guess who will be the winner of every map.
  • To win at least one map – place your bet on the team that is going to win at least one map out of three.
  • Correct map score – that’s a kind of bet for the curious bettors. In this case, you need to guess what will be the final score of the match judging by the number of maps played. For example, 3-0, or 2-1.

Keep in mind the next tips for Call of Duty eSports betting

A few recommendations for those who want to bet on eSports in a long prospective, not just once:

  1. Choose the website or several of them that are the most convenient for you to use. Remember all the factors that we mentioned above. Or don’t waste your time on comparing them as we have done it for you already, just choose one from the list and go directly to Call of Duty betting odds. This is the what you need to be concerned about and concentrated at.
  2. Collect and analyze statistical information and find a trustful source of information for betting. Due to the growth of the number of bookmakers, it is becoming more and more popular to place bets. So you should move with the times and keep in mind all the changes. Fortunately, eSports events are much easier to predict than regular sports matches. You do not need to take into account team fatigue, the possibility of injury or removal of players during the game, and many other factors. The correct analysis of previous matches comes first when predicting eSports matches.
  3. Be calm and impartial. The main problem of all bettors, regardless of the sport, is subjectivity and partiality. Calm down, read the news, use all your knowledge before placing a bet. It will help to control emotions and act correctly.
  4. Communicate on specialized forums and social networks. Most professional Call of Duty players have Twitter or Facebook accounts and periodically post insider information. Some of it will be helpful for you to know about possible changes in teams.
  5. You need to assess the overall level of readiness of each team, as well as compare their performance in face-to-face meetings. This will allow you to most fully and reliably predict the outcome. Some players may act differently when dealing with public performance.


How does Call of Duty betting work?

Betting on eSports is actually very similar to regular sports betting. For example, most bets are placed on the winner of matches or entire tournaments. The procedure is simple: you choose which bet to place, specify the size of the bet – and wait for the result of the event. It’s like in traditional sports betting.

Is it safe to bet on Call of Duty?

It is safe only with one requirement – you haven’t made a mistake while choosing a bookmaker. All the bookmakers that you can see here are considered to be trusted and secure so Call of Duty betting odds are protected and you have nothing to worry about.

How do I start betting on Call of Duty?

The betting procedure is identical to betting on sports events. You are to choose the bookmaker, decide which match you want to bet on, consider coefficients, and then click on it. The corresponding bid will be accepted and you will know the results as soon as the match finishes. Remember to choose a proven bookmaker because it’s a guarantee you will get your winning.

Are there any Call of Duty betting bonuses?

There are lots of bets available for betters that bookies are offering, especially if we are talking about newcomers. We chose the websites that offer wide lines of bonuses for its users. The most popular among them are bonuses on the first deposit or a registration bonus. Some give an opportunity to place a free bet or a full refund of bet money. Choose the site you like, use your bonus and enjoy the COD eSports betting world today.

Where do I find Call of Duty betting sites?

You can find them on the Internet but this case you put yourself in a risk to be deceived while it is possible to get to an illegal bookmaker that will cheat on you. To help you to get the most out of your betting experience we have gathered all the best bookies at one place. So go to the table above and start placing your winning bets right now.

So, concluding all the information you have read here we want to wish you good luck while betting on Call of Duty. Remember to start with small bets and don’t rush. You don’t need to risk all your money right away. But if you already know something about eSports, then most of your bets will definitely be winning and will bring a considerable profit. You can even make it your main type of making money. Everything is in your hands! And may the winning bet be with you!