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After the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017, the genre of computer games “battle Royale” was expecting a real boom. PUBG was so commercially successful that many developers tried to create their own battle royal. Perhaps best of all it turned out for Epic Games – the creators of the famous survival simulator Fortnite: Save the World.

The audience of Fortnite Battle Royale is almost 150 million players, which is already more than the standard version of the game. Thanks to the free to play distribution model (as opposed to PUBG, which is paid), the game is the leader in views on Twitch and YouTube. Also, cross-platform contributed to the popularity of the project – gamers can play Fortnite on PCs and consoles.

Most of the top bookmakers accept bets on eSports. But not everyone cares about making it as convenient to bet on virtual competitions as it is for regular sports. What bookmaker is worse, and what is better in terms of offering betting experience? What sites should you pay attention to first of all if you are interested in betting on eSports disciplines? We are here for you to answer all the questions.

For answering the question “What is the best place to bet on Fortnite?” we analyzed all the offers of online bookmakers and created a special rating in which each bookmaker received its own score. The rating is based on the most important criteria for betters.

For example, it is vital to check how long the bookmaker has been on the market. The longer the history of the company is, the more reliable it is considered to be among the betting community. It is important to ensure the legality of the company’s activities (the terms and conditions of use of the company’s services to be sure they own license and their work is legal). Also, a good Fortnite bookmaker always owns a wide line of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, verification requirements, and terms of the account. And the last but not least important – we always check quality and speed of technical support – they have to work fast and efficient, be available to reach any time of the day or night.

Based on all these factors we offer you the list of recommended bookies worth to rely your money on.

Our top list of Fortnite betting sites

You are one step away from starting betting on Fortnite matches, and now it is important to choose the site. A bookmaker must meet a number of requirements in order to be trusted by us. You can read about them above and here we are introducing the best bookies that are worth your attention:

So what is Fortnite basically about?

On a large map in the form of an island, 100 players are landed (solo or divided into teams of 2-4). At the beginning of the game, the transport sweeps along a random way on the island, the players choose the moment to jump out. As soon as the player is on the ground, the game begins and players need to kill other gamers.

At first, the player is armed only with a pickaxe. The first step in Fortnite is to find weapons and ammunition (armor, grenades, first aid kits, etc.). Items (loot) can be scattered all over the map, or they can just lie on the ground or be located in special chests.

To prevent players from hiding, a safe zone is randomly selected every few minutes, which is constantly narrowing. Outside the zone, they may be damaged, so everyone tries to get to the zone faster, capturing useful loot along the way.

One of the main features of Fortnite is the construction of shelters. Players can build houses, walls, stairs for shelter or Vice versa attacks. Construction requires resources that can be found or extracted from surrounding objects. The winner in Fortnite is the one who stays alive the longest.

What tournaments are here for fans?

In June 2018, Epic Games hosted the first ever Fortnite – PRO AM tournament at E3. It was attended by both regular and guest stars. Among the latter was a popular streamer of the game Ninja, for the murder of which the organizers gave an ordinary player 2500 dollars. Epic Games announced the creation of a series of tournaments with a prize pool of $ 100 million. The first season took place in 2018-19. We are also sure to see events from major eSports operators like ESL, MLG, and PGL in the future.

Are real money bets available on Fortnite?

Obviously, the selection of wagers on Fortnite is still poor, yet every advancement takes as much time as is needed. If the Epic Games, which has given $ 30 million for upcoming competitions, can hold tournaments at a significant level, there is no uncertainty that bookmakers will quickly grow the lines for Fortnite betting odds. In addition, consistently the game will have the World Cup every year, no doubt new lines coming soon. And betting on Fortnite World Cup is such a pleasure for every devoted fan!

When talking about betting on Fortnite, still we can point out the next several types of bet. Each of them can make you win when you do everything right.

So what’s in Fortnite betting?

The basic one is placing bets on a winner of a match. Everything is simple because what can be easier than to tell which of the opposing teams or individual opponents will win. You probably have more than once, sitting at an online stream watching an eSports event, casually trying to guess possible outcomes. So the same at Fortnite betting odds.

Is there a possibility to do Fortnite live betting?

This method of betting means to place your bets while watching the Fortnite live match itself. The line may differ from the one that was in the pre-match, as well as the coefficients themselves, which change in the course of actions in the game. in General, bets in LIVE mode are less risky, because you will know the starting line-UPS, the nature of the match, etc., so players with experience in betting often increase their capital with the help of bets in LIVE mode.

Some special Fortnite bets

As it was already told, the variety of bets on Fortnite is only starting to grow, so there are only a few available lines made so far. And keep in mind that still, not every bookmaker may have added these special bets to their lines.

  • Top 3/10 – this is the point where you choose top players that will come to finish. It is not that easy if take a closer look at the number of players in the beginning – it reaches 100 hundred.
  • Solos – it is the name of a bet when you are to decide which individual player is going to be the winner of the match.
  • Duos – that’s how the team of two players is called. You can also do betting on a duo- team that will win.
  • Squad – the name of the 3-4 players team. Which of them will get to the top in Fortnite match?

Tournament winner

Outright tournament winners – that’s the most important kind of bets because betters are to choose the team or player that will get a cup this time on a tournament.

Pick some advice before going to Fortnite betting

And finally, a few tips for those who are just going to start betting on Fortnite:

  1. Carefully choose the bookmaker through which you will place your bets. ESports is rapidly gaining popularity, but scammers are also going close with it. The most skilled of them publish some incomprehensible statistics, analytics that abuse specialized terms, and dazzle players with high coefficients and tempting bonuses. Look at the license of a bookmaker – it must be placed directly on the site. The most trustworthy bookies you can find on the list above.
  2. Study the statistics of each Fortnite team’s performances, as well as the transitions of the strongest players from one team to another. This will allow you to understand what form your favorites are currently in.
  3. Try not to bet on the early stages of international tournaments. It is better to review the games on this stage, analyze the performances of all the teams, and then bet on the best.
  4. Do not forget to monitor the preparation of teams for a particular event. If the team is already in the qualifying games shows the highest class, most likely it will successfully perform at later stages.
  5. Get maximum information before betting. Before you decide to put your money on a particular game, do not be lazy to study the ground – What should you pay attention to when betting on Fortnite? How old are members of a particular team? Does the player do exercises, what does he look like? It will also be a great help to analyze the statistics of wins and losses of players or teams, study the maps on which matches were played, and it will be even better to study a little personal experience among professionals. The more information you have, the better your bid will be.


How does Fortnite betting work?

Like regular eSports wagering! Actually, betting on eSports isn’t very different from wagering on some other games. The fundamental guideline of consistent and effective bets in eSports is a careful and meticulous studying of a number of highlights of the game. Knowing all the nuances, you can without much effort get your genuine cash. When you have deep data about eSports, have a created and proven system, and are continually rehearsing, you will be successful on Fortnite eSports betting.

Is it safe to bet on Fortnite?

It is always safe if you deal with legal bookies. They must have a good reputation among the betting community. So we highly recommend going to bookmakers mentioned above as they are shown to be trustworthy and own license. Also, it is important to find a good source of information. This will help you both understand the specifics of the game better because you should approach gambling entertainment rationally.

How do I start betting on Fortnite?

Firstly, to start playing in the eSports world, you need to find a trustworthy bookmaker that specializes in such bets. We have made it for you and put the best into the list. Go to chosen Fortnite betting site. After registering on the site, you need to deposit the amount into your virtual wallet, then select a match and place bets. Bookmaker sites are made very simple, and it takes five minutes to understand them.

What bonuses are available for Fortnite betting?

Every bookmaker develops his own bonus system to help new betters in placing bets. Mostly, bookies offer wide lines of bonuses to attract new users, some of them offer free bets or bonus on the deposit amount. Keep in mind a bigger bonus doesn’t always mean to be the best. You are better to check information about terms and conditions ahead and choose a trusted website.

Where can I find the list of Fortnite betting sites?

Here! Choosing a Fortnite bookmaker is the first and most important stage of your journey in eSports betting. On our website you can see a list of the best eSports bookmakers. Each of them has its pros and cons, different bonus systems, and betting limits. We have been gathering all our professional experience to sort them and provide you an access only to trustworthy.

Despite the fact that so far there are quite a few tournaments in such a discipline as Fortnite, it is still becoming more and more interesting for betting enthusiasts. A big role in this is played by the fact that you can bet not only on competitions but also on ordinary games that are even closer in spirit to regular players. Over time, Fortnite promises to become one of the most colorful, interesting and dynamic eSports disciplines. Stay tuned!