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The eSports betting industry has been growing at an extremely fast speed. The number of disciplines increases daily: we all remember the first CS:GO and Dota matches but now there are even barely known games that have already got their fans as well. Betters are attracted by new disciplines that are being added daily. All this causes a boom in the industry and more and more new sites appear on the Internet. Because of this, it is sometimes extremely difficult to choose the most convenient bookmaker for placing the very first bet. And we are here to help you!

We are not a bookmaker. We are a trusted informational resource that guides users on the way of choosing a website. We do not want you to go to a fraud place that cheats on users. Also we do not want you to learn on your mistakes. We do all analytical job for you.

But you have to take betting smartly and it is your responsibility to control your activities not letting it take control over you. Also, remember two very important restrictions. First of all, you are able to gamble only after turning 18. And also, there are some countries, where betting is restricted and you have to check beforehand the government’s rules.

If your age and location allow you to bet, we are happy to guide you in the world of eSports betting so you can not only have fun but receive money and enjoy life together with us!