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eSports Betting Sites


The popularity of eSports is growing increasingly over the last few years. It is hard to imagine the size of this industry expanding over the next several years. Are you a big fan of online games and cannot imagine even a single day of your life without playing some of your favorites or checking up on the updates in the world of professional competitive gaming? Is it not the reason to combine your hobby with a new way of earning money? Nowadays there is a possibility to unite both of them – your hobby and profit.

The great opportunity exists right here – we want to introduce to you the world of eSports betting on a completely revolutionary place – we have already chosen the best betting websites. It is available for you to make your predictions at any time of the day or night. We implemented a variety of advantages beyond other sites – competitors, in order to make you satisfied. We assess different major eSports websites that provide bookmaker service to find the best for you. The main objective for us is to evaluate what kinds of eSports games these websites work with, how many of them they have, what is the available amount of various tournaments that they allow to place a bet on.

ESports Betting

So, going through all this information you may still have a question in your head, what is eSports betting and why its popularity has been increasing rapidly through the last few years? Well, it all comes from the love of millions of people to video games. They have been gaining their fans during many – many years of web developing. And those who are into games come to the idea that combining their favorite entertainment and a way to make living is a perfect plan. So there how eSports betting appears. And we offer you the list of well – trusted professional bookmakers that provide gamers and gamblers with an opportunity to check their Seven’s senses or to support a favorite team making an eSports bet online.

So since recent times betting has been gaining increasing popularity among gambling fans from all around the world. ESports betting is mostly taken as a special kind of entertainment that makes gamers take online games more serious and watch the streams with heightened interest. And for some other gamblers in eSports that are well acquainted with some special kinds of games or have professional knowledge in this area, using betting can be just a “Mother Lode”!

All the bookmakers have been operating a long time in the field of eSports betting. They are high – trusted web sources that have gained a big devoted fan base consisting of gamers, gamblers and just simple betting lovers in the eSports world. We always take care of our costumes and choose only the best so you can be sure about the quality of the provided service.

Also, betting on eSports can be one of the interacting and socializing ways that help to have some fun and relax with your friends. Only imagine – you are watching your favorite scenes going on, and get paid for this! And plenty of welcome bonuses, gifts, promo codes, and promotions make it easy and provide an opportunity to begin betting on eSports any time!

Esports Betting Sites

We are concerned about the quality of bookmakers. During a lot of years, we have been developing a strong system with certain qualifications that we are looking for in the bookmakers. It is done in order to select only the best for you from the hundreds of eSports services in the net. So only the most professional got to our list. All the websites have gained a reputation as high trusted web sources for players around the globe. Here we want to tell you what are the top priorities that we use to ensure the quality of the provided betting service.

Rankings and reputation of our partners

First of all, we are looking closely at their reputation among the betting community in eSports. All the websites have gone through the long way of being checked to ensure that all the information provided is accurate with no false, and they have a responsible attitude towards their users, and, finally, they comply with the agreements to pay the money you have earned. Only the best were gained an opportunity to be on the betting list! So be ensured that all documentation is appropriate according to eSports and you don’t have to worry about anything. We have done everything for you! What is left? Just click here on the web site and enjoy the exciting world of video games and betting services! Wait no more!

Privacy and Security Policies

Secondly, we always check the bookmakers on the fact of protected data and privacy policy to ensure that any of the information provided on the websites will ever get to the third parties. The most important for us in eSports is to be ensured that all data that you have provided is remaining to be private, secure, and protected with no exceptions. What is more, to make sure that all withdrawing methods are also under protection. So, be sure that it is safe to use these sites.

Games available for you to bet on

Also, we choose bookmakers not only upon the fact of offering the best service, being user – friendly, and client-oriented. At the same time, we want to be sure, there is a big variety of eSports games offered for you to have a lot of opportunities to choose from. So betting will be enjoyable and joyful. It does not matter what kind of eSports game you have been a big fan of, we want to ensure that you are able to make your winning bet! We select the bookmakers that can provide all the possible opportunities for you – from well – known around the globe online games, such as Dota 2, that is popular everywhere, or FIFA – a game that has stolen hearts millions of football fans, to some that only are being on the process to become popular and famous in different parts of the world. So, if you are looking for a special place that is accepting eSports betting on a huge number of games, be sure that you have just found a website that checked hundreds of websites, sorted them, and prepared a list of the best ones opened for you any time of the day or night. For example, one of the favorites – League of legends, is available on a lot of our partners’ websites, able to accept your betting any time!

Depositing and withdrawing methods

Also, the convenience of different payment methods is important for us. We compare all the available ways offered by bookmakers. We look at the process of depositing money, the availability to choose from a wide range of payment methods, the minimum, and the maximum depositing amount. It is important that bookmaker offers a variety of opportunities to deposit money, such as:

  • Credit and Debit Cards – they are remaining to be the most popular despite the new payment methods. Some basic cards are Visa and Mastercard, sometimes even Entropay is offered.
  • Web wallets – they help to keep all your personal information private to a bookie. It is very safe and fast to use e-Wallets, like Qiwi, and Webmoney.
  • Prepaid cards such as PaysafeCard that does not require to have a bank account. They can be bought in a regular department store.
  • Paypal
  • Direct transfers from bank
  • Cryptocurrency – you can transfer even your bitcoin!

And when your prediction comes true, you can withdraw the money you have earned. The minimum amount is 100$ for most of the bookmakers. To get the money, leave the request on the site, wait for approving and transfer the money to your card.

Types of eSports betting

At this point you may be wondered, what types of bets are available for you in eSports? Well, there are several kinds you may want to take a closer look at.

  • Firstly, consider Moneyline betting in eSports. That’s, frankly speaking, the easiest and the most obvious way of betting on eSports. Basically, you just predict the winner of the game. That’s it! The amount of money you will earn depends on the results of the game and the odds. Exactly, you got it right – the odds dictate the size of funds you will receive.
  • Total Betting in eSports is definitely for you if you like to guess specific numbers. For example, in eSports, you may bet on the total amount of maps played, or total kills, points or even rounds that were in the game. Or you may bet on the numbers that are over or under some amount. The winner, in this case, doesn’t play any role.
  • Also, there is an opportunity to place a parlay bet. That is more complicated and takes more effort. You set multiple bets on a game, for example, combining decisions on who is a winner and the number of totals.
  • Proposition bets are also very interesting because they allow you to decide who will more likely get the first blood, how many pauses there will be, how long will the match lasts, how many kills the certain person will get, etc.


Also, we assess the quality of Support provided on the bookmakers’ websites. It is important for us to check how fast they operate and answer all the questions. We want to make sure they are welcome to solve your problems loyally and professionally. So be sure, they all are ready to help you 24/7.

The variety of bonuses

We also always evaluate the variety of bonuses provided by the eSports bookmakers. After conducting a long selection process, we choose only those, who are ready to offer you the biggest number of different bonuses and promotions to make bets online. Also, we put a lot of attention to the variety of these bonuses and the number of funds they are ready to gift you. Our top priority is to evaluate the general bonus system of different bookmakers’ websites and compare them to choose only decent for our users. We have to do a lot of work in order to provide the best results but these all is done to make you satisfied and help to dive deeper into the world of eSports.


With the development of the popularity of video games, more and more common becomes eSports betting, such as placing bets on Dota 2, or CS: GO. And there is the question remaining, what is the difference between traditional Sportsbooks and eSportsbooks. You know, the eSports market has been growing rapidly during the last years thanking the expanding the size of the video games production industry. During the next 3 years, it is expected to see about 300 million regular viewers. And half of them are expected to become betters making bets on eSports. The potential of the eSports betting industry is growing every day! So there will be more opportunities for you to place a bet!

You may wonder, how does it differ from traditional sports betting. Well, have you ever seen any other opportunity to bet where you can change and put your bet online – right in the middle of the competition? While in a football or hockey game you can do bets in a few days before the main event, in eSports betting the most popular is live – betting, when you correct your bet during watching the game.

While placing a bet on eSports it does not matter what is the physical state of the sportsmen. The most important is only experience and the wish to win the match and the competition. And eSports competitions take place quite often leaving you the place to enjoy bets any time.

ESports Betting Bonuses

So we found the best bookmakers for you that offer various eSports betting bonuses. And now let’s take a look at some of the most popular bonuses you may count on.

The first one is a Sign-up bonus: all new betters can use this bonus after the very first deposit after signing up – it is a welcome gift for all new users. All you need is to transfer some funds to your account and receive some extra money to your balance depending on the amount you deposit. But keep in mind there are some limits. For example, when you are making a deposit for 300$ you will get 200$ extra.

The next option available for you is to place a free bet. Bookmakers give this opportunity for you to demonstrate how the eSports betting works and to place the very first bet. It can be made as a free betting credit or a bet with no deposit needed.

So, find the favorite game you want to bet on, insert some funds and get your bonuses! We want you to enjoy eSports as the thousands of people this already do. There are plenty of other bonuses waiting for you!

Betting on ESports

Well, so what are the main eSports betting opportunities this year? Let’s take a closer look to find out what games are the most popular and at the same time the most available and easy to bet on. Do not hesitate to try the betting on them right now!

  • Dota 2 – is the first one on our list. During almost 10 years this game has gained millions of fans in eSports. The main events are developing a huge battle arena. You can start getting your betting experience right now making your bets on this best game!
  • Call of Duty – one of the most popular shooting video games in eSports, that reaches over 20 million of sales yearly. There are different kinds of opportunities to bet for you. So make your favorite game earn real money for you today!
  • CS: GO – we think that there is no person in the world that have not heard about Counter-Strike. The game that has stolen the hearts of men from all over the world. The players get thousands of dollars for the winning the tournament in eSports, is not the reason to be in the same boat and get some funds?!
  • League of Legends – that is the game in the genre of action strategy that can be played alone or with a team. Betting on League of legends is becoming more and more popular this year.
  • FIFA – the most popular football video game. There are plenty of opportunities for making a bet – such as the number of goals, or simply guessing on a winner’s team.
  • Starcraft 2 – find the winner in the next cross galaxy war. What is your choice in this kind of eSports?
  • Fortnite – who will manage to escape and be the winner? Your predictions are accepted. Hurry up!
  • Overwatch – the world needs heroes – so be the next one! We are waiting for a hero like you to place your winning bet.
  • Hearthstone – enjoy the world of adventurous and make the prediction of the winner.

So eSports online games are only getting more and more popular and you are to be the next winner in this field! Choose the best bookmaker listed on our website, place your million bet and enjoy the world of eSports!